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Mental Health and Mental Illness, Donald Trump and REAL Wellness

Monday, September 25th, 2017


I once thought insanity was the most likely explanation that accounted for the fact that not everyone was living a healthy lifestyle. That was nearly twenty years ago. It was, of course, a jejune notion, shortsighted and unfair to those not living a healthy lifestyle.

I mention this because a lot of folks still think this way. I’ll summarize why I once did, and then explain why I don’t anymore.

Lunacy and Low Level Worseness

Mental disorders affect nearly one in five Americans, according to a succession of U.S. Surgeons General. This ratio suggests the U.S. harbors over 60 million troubled people, a good number of whom populate our prison system. The rest are out and about with little or no supervision. (According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2,220,300 adults were incarcerated in U.S. federal and state prisons and county jails in 2013, plus another 4,751,400 adults on probation or parole.)

Given that the electorate last year voted Donald Trump into the highest office in the land, these estimates seem conservative. A more likely reality is that the reverse of the Surgeons General figures applies, that is, only one in five Americans is healthy. The other 80% have gone round the bend.

Officials continually advise citizens to seek help for recognized mental problems – and to be alert for symptoms of such in others.

Previous administrations urged Congress to enact laws requiring insurance coverage for mental and physical health treatments on an equal basis with physical troubles. ACA (or Obamacare to Republicans) did this to an extent.

What Constitutes Mental Health?

Mental health is described as an ability to engage in productive activities, to fulfill relationships with others, adapt to change and cope with adversity – for starters. So, go count on two hands the number of folks you work with who pass that test!

Next, think about the quality of relationships of people you know – their ability to adapt to change and cope with adversity – and ask yourself: Is it one in five who meet the test of mentally ill, or four in five? If you didn’t pick the latter, apply another test: Do those you know have the ability to change and adapt, to employ reason, enjoy exuberance in many forms, attend to sufficient exercise and good diet and value their liberties?

Looking after one’s own well being seems like a rational, mentally healthy thing to do, don’t you think?

Healthy people can adapt and change, they are not over-fat and are not afflicted with deadly habits (e.g., smoke, abuse alcohol, or remain in destructive/unhappy relationships), nor do they worry most of the time, day in and day out.

On a personal level, can you check that’s me after all or most of the following:

* Find ways to enjoy your work?

* Manage to fill most days with some form of play?

* Employ sufficient reason to recognize political and other charlatans, avoid bad actors, frauds and mountebanks and steer clear of useless products and services?

* Effectively communicate with honesty and candor?

* Reject cults, gurus, flimflam belief systems while spotting a mile away rigid, archaic and senseless dogmas and creeds based entirely on superstitions?

* Delight in the expression of your gifts and talents?

These are representative examples of good mental health, for starters. So, once again: Are we talking about one in five with or without mental disorders?

We can all profit from continuing education throughout life that helps us adapt to life as it is and function with high levels of reason, exuberance, athleticism and liberty.

I suspect you agree that government estimates of mental health problems are not the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Now you know why I thought the Attorneys General estimates of mental health were off. As a result, I erroneously concluded people did not embrace wellness-oriented lifestyles because they were, how shall I put this in a delicate, compassionate way? Let’s let it go as pre-postal mad as hatters, one fry short of a Happy Meal or just plain nucking futs.

One More Reason for My Former Thinking

I assumed for a long time that anyone in his or her right mind would realize that to adapt and cope, flourish and prosper in this life, you had to attend to your body and mind in artful, science-based ways known to be effective. I believed in daily exercise of a vigorous nature, dining wisely, being responsible for one’s own health and fate to the extent possible and seeking ways to make life challenging and satisfying,

So, that’s it – that was my old self.

My (Relatively) New Take on Why Most Have Not, Can Not and Will Not Embrace REAL Wellness

Most have little chance to discover that a wellness option exists, let alone opportunities to practice and sustain such a complex personal mission that requires support from families, friends, cultures and environments. I Aussie polymath Grant Donovan has written books and dozens of articles about why most just can not do it (i.e., live well and be happy).

The relatively few who manage healthy lifestyles have done so not so much because of their disciplined ways, heroic efforts, brilliant decisions, favorable educations and good and continuing random good fortune, though any and all of these factors have helped a lot. But the main reason is that they have had better circumstances along life’s way, supportive cultures, environments, heredity and much more.

Regrettably, this summary explanation does not address the complexities of free will versus determinism. That’s for another day, perhaps. Basically, determinism holds that all behavior is caused by preceding factors and is thus predictable. The free will view maintains that we have choices in how we act because we are free to choose our attitudes and behaviors.

The icantdoit model referenced above leans heavily on determinism, not free will.

However, that doesn’t mean I like it. My advice, despite this acknowledgement, is to do what you can to change and adapt. Don’t abandon the quest for improved mental and physical wellbeing. Don’t settle for the mediocre desire to be not crazy! Set your sights higher, and in a more positive way. Seek states of well-being that transcend the norms you’ve known to date. To simply NOT be crazy, however difficult for at least four out of five, overlooks your potentials and your good fortune to be living in a mostly free society where lots of choice is still possible. Don’t go along gently with all the preponderance of experts who insist on the reality of determinism. While it’s important to avoid becoming too mental, assume you can do better than that.

Best wishes and keep focused on the bright side of life.

Making a Masturbation Travel Kit

Monday, September 25th, 2017

When a man is in his own comfortable home, he can indulge in a little masturbation with basically no preparation. Everything he needs is right at hand – and that means more than just his own hand. But what about if a guy happens to travel? Now, granted, masturbation really doesn’t demand anything other than that aforementioned hand, but most men tend to employ some other resources to make the experience even more pleasurable. And since masturbation can help both a man’s general health and his penis health, he doesn’t want to refrain from the experience when feeling aroused and alone while on the road. As this is the case, it can pay to prepare a little masturbation travel kit for any trips (especially long ones).

With that in mind, the following tips may come in handy when planning a personal kit.


- Bring lubrication. One of the fun things about staying in many hotels is taking advantage of the personal care products they provide, such as shampoo and conditioner. Many hotels also provide a body or hand lotion, which many solo male travelers use when feeling the need to relieve an insistent erection. But guys may be better off packing a supply of their own preferred lubricant. Penis skin is enormously sensitive and may react negatively to unfamiliar ingredients in the hotel’s lotion. Besides, some hotels don’t provide lotion – and, of course, many trips don’t involve a hotel stay. Sure, a guy who’s visiting his sister can ask his brother-in-law if he has any lotion he could borrow, but the brother-in-law is going to smirk knowingly as he hands it over. And good luck finding a lubricant on a camping trip!

- Bring condoms (especially if camping). Having a condom on hand is a good idea in the event that a guy finds some partner-based fun, but it can be a plus when masturbating, too. This is especially true when camping, as it is easy to forget to pack some tissues – and so clean-up will be easier with a condom.

- Pack toys. More and more men are utilizing sex toys in their masturbation routines. So if a dude favors a cock ring, dildo, penis sleeve, silicon vagina, etc., he should bring them along. One warning: if flying, it may be preferable to include these items in checked luggage, rather than run the risk of them being pulled out of a carry-on bag during the screening process.

- Include stimulating material. Men who typically masturbate to porn may want to include material – or a way to access material – while packing. The easiest way is to include a laptop, tablet or smartphone that can be used to access the adult sites of preference. If that’s not an option, purchasing magazines or books with sexually arousing photos and/or stories may be the route to take. Some men may instead prefer to print out material from some of their favorite online sites. As with toys, packing print material in a checked baggage may be a better idea than stashing them in a carry-on.

- Pack a penis health crème. A masturbation travel kit definitely needs to include a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) – not because the crème is used during masturbation but because it is needed to keep the penis healthy before and after masturbation. Many men end up treating their manhood rather roughly during masturbation, which can require the application of a crème with soothing, moisturizing agents like Shea butter and vitamin E to help repair raw, sore penis skin. All that rough handling may also damage the sensitive nerve endings on the penis, “deadening” the feeling. A crème with L carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient which helps restore lost sensation, can help relieve that unwanted numbness that impacts the sensations a man feels when masturbating.